Annual international conference Foundrymen's Consilium®

15-й Литейный Консилиум

Definitely the annual international conference Foundrymen's Consilium® is one of the major events in Russian foundry industry. Foundrymen's Consilium® always gives a possibility to get a professional inside look at the industry, opinion leadership, networking, to consider the real cases in industry, to learn more about new equipment, new consumables and technological solutions of Russian and foreign manufacturers. Foundry Consilium® is an example of unique democratic atmosphere and reliable professional friendship.

The XVth annual international conference Foundrymen's Consilium® will take place from the seventh to the eighth of December in 2023.Traditionally the location of the conference will be the city of Chelyabinsk where more than 200 general managers, lead engineers and chief metallurgists of foundries from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and India will get together. In two days of the conference the participants will manage to meet the customers, to exchange the experience, to debate at the round table, to learn more about new items and last trends in foundry from the manufacturers of consumables and equipment, to visit on a tour the most advanced foundries of the South Ural.

The tagline of the conference is «Mould perfection and casting paves path to ideal cast product»
The topics to be discussed include:

  • Equipment from Russian and foreign manufacturers: molding, core-pattern, mix
  • preparation, for the regeneration of mixtures
  • Technologies and equipment for casting: centrifugal under pressure,LWCand LFC
  • Consumables: sands, binders, bentonite, expanded polystyrene, non-stick paints, etc.
  • Pattern-core equipment: engineering and manufacturing.
  • Additive technologies in foundry production.
  • Casting defects: causes and methods of control. Ladle treament.
  • Machining and finishing operations
  • Heat treatment (equipment, methods of heat treatment)
  • Mechanical processing (equipment and methods of machining, removal of machining allowances).
  • Quality control (laboratory and control equipment, quality control methods, 3d scanning
  • Finishing operations (equipment, cleaning, casting knockout, degating)

Foreign participants will be provided with :
- simultaneous translation of the conference
- interpreter for B2B negotiation

The registration fee per attendee is 350 US dollars as a Participant and 400 US dollars as a Speaker with the presentation. The registration fee covers the cost of participation in formal and informal conference events, including participation in lunches and breaks, in the gala dinner finalizing the conference where results will be reviewed and participants will be awarded, as well as the cost of handouts and takeaways.

Location of the conference: Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Berezka Hotel, 118 Chapaeva street.


Сonference program
the conference program will be released on November 15, 2023)

Help with participation and accommodation:
Project Manager Elena Mochalova
WhatsApp +79080814305